HILFA gives you short lead times and big opportunities

Are you looking for a leading Swedish manufacturer of standard components? HILFA, in Småland’s Hillerstorp, is a market leader with its own production facility.

A real little gem is hidden away in the depths of Småland’s forests. HILFA SWEDEN AB, one of Sweden’s market leaders when it comes to standard components, resides here. Or, as Per-Johan Hildingsson, the company CEO, puts it:

“At our Hillerstorp factory, we produce an extraordinarily wide range of standard components in plastic with injected metal parts. With us, you’ll find, among other things, Swedish-made knobs, levers, handwheels, handles, adjustable feet, and tube end plugs. We have around 7 000 products in our range. We’re a Swedish manufacturer, which offers our customers a lot of advantages. Short lead times, fast tool-up times, the possibility of customisation, and full control of test runs and product development, to name but a few. The environmental footprint of European-made products for European customers is of course considerably less than for products manufactured in other regions of the world.”



It’s all about being smart and investing in automation

There’s a strong belief in Swedish production at HILFA. When you run a business in a region dominated by an entrepreneurial spirit (the Gnosjö spirit to be precise), you see opportunities rather than problems.

In HILFA´s case, Småland’s famous ingenuity has helped them to succeed. The company has 11 injection moulding machines on the production lines. The machines operate 24 hours a day, five days a week, and are cared for in the daytime by machine tool operators Birger Atterling and Camilla Skörde. In all, the team has 30 years of production and automation experience.


Hilfa Produktion.jpg


HILFA’s knowledge base outshines the rest

Birger and Camilla agree:

“The advantage with our production is that we generally build and develop automation solutions ourselves. We have short decision paths, and both tools and fastening systems are procured locally. This gives us an edge as a manufacturer. We only need a very short time from the moment the enquiry arrives to when we’re ready to test run new standard components.”

Birger and Camilla have worked in the plastics industry for many years and regularly undergo further professional training. They both have a genuine interest in machines, and Birger also has a well-developed nose for automation and smart solutions.

“He’s awesome,” says Camilla.

Birger counters and explains that the best thing is that they form the perfect pair. They complement one another, and both remark that HILFA is one of a kind in its market, not only because they’re a Swedish manufacturer in a Chinese-dominated industry – but rather because HILFA’s offering means that the company outshines most of the rest.


“Many companies say that they’re brilliant at problem-solving, quick and experienced, but at HILFA, we have a real understanding of both production and automation. This gives us a unique position where we can create optimised, safe, and trusted customised solutions. And we’re quick too.




The production is customised for quick tool-up and customer-specific items

On a typical day, Birger and Camilla tool up around 4-5 times for different products on each of their 11 injection moulding machines. The machines run unmanned at night, but everything goes without a hitch, since the automation has already proven itself in the past.


The team at HILFA is compact, guaranteeing that everyone is committed and involved, from procurement and storage to production and delivery. Toolmakers and fastener system suppliers are all locally based, and everyone is well-acquainted with facing production challenges.


“That’s the nicest thing about our job, the variation,” explains Birger.

Being responsible for all of the machines gives us a holistic overview, which offers many advantages to both ourselves and our customers. It’s easy for us to quickly change or customise our standard range. If the customer wants another colour, a slightly longer screw, another material, or perhaps to put his logo on the product - we can sort that out quickly and smoothly. But without a doubt, the biggest advantage of producing in Sweden is that lead times are short, and the quality is high."



  1.  Production facilities in Småland’s Hillerstorp
  2.  Production 24h/day, 5 days/week
  3.  3 500 articles in stock
  4.  Fast deliveries
  5.  Solid industry knowledge
  6.  Personal customer service
  7.  High quality
  8.  Possibility of customer-specific solutions – special colour, size adjustment, logo on the product etc.
  9.  Low climate footprint » Swedish production for Swedish customers


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