LB-Plast becomes HILFA

After almost half a century as LB-Plast, we´re now writing a new chapter in our history. September 1st, we´re changing our name to Hilfa.

Four years ago, Swede-Wheel Group acquired LB-Plast, and 2.5 years ago, we moved from Linköping to Hillerstorp. A lot has happened, and we’re working strategically to improve the value of both our brand and our product portfolio for our customers.

We’re based in Hillerstorp, and our products are fastened to other products. So we figured what better name than Hilfa (Hillerstorp + fastening)? And the fact that the name has associations with the family of owners (Hildingsson) is also somewhat of a nice coincidence.

Another reason for the name change is our ambition to expand onto a larger international market. There are other companies with similar names out there, such as LB Plastic and LB Plastics, so we chose to differentiate ourselves.

Otherwise, we’re the same company with the same level of service and commitment. We’re just as curious to develop as always, be it developing ourselves or our customers.