Wing knobs

Wing knobs

Areas of use for wing knobs

Locking operations are continuously performed in different ways. Ergonomics and a good grip are prerequisites for efficiency and comfort during rapid tensioning. HILFA has a large range of wing knobs that can be used in various areas. For example, they can be used for toolless assembly and adjustment, this saves time and simplifies tasks where an attached object must be moved. On the outside of the screw head, there are grooves that provide a good and comfortable grip for the fingers. You get a good grip even with dirty or wet fingers.

Plastic wing knobs

At HILFA, the wing knobs are made of plastic polyamide (PA6). The knobs are available with a glossy and matte surface.

Sizes and standards

HILFA has wing knobs according to the standards DIN 6335 and DIN 6336. As we use the DIN standard, all our wing knobs values ​​are metric, which means that they can be easily integrated into existing systems.


Our wing knobs are available with both threaded stud/screw and threaded hole/bushing to meet your specific needs. The metal inserts are available in different materials such as zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, and brass.


Do you want to customize your knob with, for example, color or logo? Contact us and we will solve it!