How do i get a log-in?

You get a login by contacting your contact/sales rep. and he'll/she'll help you further, or send a request to and they'll make the registration.

All that is required is that you have an active customer account with us, ie. that we have your complete information in our business system and that you are or plan to become an active customer or partner to us.

What do you get as a log-in user?

As a logged-in user, you have access to most smart functions together with customer-unique information. For example, you will find your customer-unique prices on the products, you can see stock balance on the products (see more information about this under the tab "Stock balance"), you can see the order status of outstanding orders under "My account" and find historical orders. You can also create unlimited customer-unique lists to easily sort out the product ranges that are, for example, most relevant to you or that you use most frequently.

Forgot your log in information?

Your username is always your work email. If you forgot your password, email and we will create a new, temporary password and send it to you so you can choose a new one the next time you log in.


At HILFA, we own your account on our website, see more information on how we handle your information in our privacy policy under the tab "Privacy policy". 

We reserve the right to terminate your account with a personal login to our website at any time. One reason may be that we suspect that the information as a logged-in user is used in such a way that it may harm our business. We also reserve the right to pause the account if you are inactive for a long time.

Your account with us is personal and linked to the companies you work for. If you change employers or otherwise no longer represent the companies and the position you were in when you opened the account, let us know so that we can close down or update the account to your new position.